“Wage and hour” generally refers to the laws and regulations that govern how much employees are paid for their work and the number of hours they are allowed to work. These laws and regulations often dictate minimum wage requirements, overtime pay rules, and limitations on working hours for employees. 

At Blake Jones Law, PC, we represent employees when they believe something is off with their paycheck or the hours they are being asked to work. Some of the most common scenarios we see include the employee being paid less than minimum wage, working overtime without proper compensation, or being denied meal breaks and rest periods. However, there are a host of reasons that may indicate unfair labor practices, including:

  • Failure to pay overtime/minimum wages for all hours worked, including time spent waiting in lines to “clock in” or for security/wellness checks
  • Failure to provide compliant rest and meal periods
  • Failure to reimburse for all business expenses
  • Improper wage deductions
  • Failure to provide required information on wage statements
  • Misclassification of employees as “independent contractors” or “exempt”
  • Failure to pay overtime at the “regular rate of pay” to include non-discretionary bonuses, shift differentials, commissions, and other “compensation”
  • Failure to pay all accrued vacation upon termination
  • Unlawful rounding of hours worked
  • Requiring employees to work an unlawful “alternative workweek”

If you believe your workplace is violating any of your rights or participating in any of the foregoing actions, you may have a wage and hour claim. Employers who violate wage and hour laws often do not limit the violations to just one employee. When a group of employees is affected by the illegal payment practices of an employer, a class action suit is often the best way to make a claim. Class action lawsuits are best handled by an experienced employment lawyer like Attorney Blake Jones

We Protect The Rights of Hourly Employees in California

It is crucial that you understand your rights as a worker in California so you can take action and raise the alarm for yourself and your hard-working colleagues. Your employer is obligated to provide rest and meal breaks, minimum wage payments, overtime pay, a safe and healthy work environment, and protection from retaliation

We have been in this business long enough to understand that if some employers know or believe they can get away with paying less, they will. Therefore, it is up to you – dedicated employees, blue-collar workers, and unsung heroes of the American economy – to raise the alarm when you believe a practice violates the applicable California Industrial Commission Wage Orders, California wage law, and/or the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”)

If you believe your employer may have committed California wage and hour violations such as failing to pay overtime, failing to reimburse work-related expenses, failing to provide required paid 10-minute rest breaks or 30-minute meal rest periods, requiring you to stay on-site during meal breaks, even though you were required to clock out, etc., you could have a claim and would benefit from a free and confidential conversation with an attorney. Contact BJL today to speak with a professional and get answers to your questions. 

Connect with a California Employment Law Attorney to Discuss Your Concerns 

If you have concerns about your compensation and believe you may not have been paid all the compensation you are owed, you may have a wage and hour claim. When a practice impacts a class of individuals, pursuing a class action lawsuit may be possible. Contact Blake Jones Law, PC, to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.