In California, an employer can fire you for many different reasons, including no reason at all. 

An employer may face a wrongful termination lawsuit if they dismiss an employee for an inappropriate reason, usually motivated by some form of discrimination or retaliation.

For example, your employer terminates your agreement with their retail establishment because you wear a hijab in front of customers. Other examples of wrongful termination include an employee who was terminated because they went to jury duty, an employee terminated for exercising their rights under the CFRA and/or the FMLA, or an employee terminated for refusing to engage in illegal activities. 

If you have been laid off or fired and believe you may have lost your job for an unlawful reason, you may have a right to bring a claim for wrongful termination against your former employer, but it is important to note that simply losing your job does not in itself constitute a wrongful termination lawsuit.

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For most of us, our paychecks are essential for supporting our families, sustaining our lifestyles, and pursuing the goal and aspiration of a better life. We know what is on the line after a termination, which is why we offer free and confidential consultations with our law office. Determining if your termination is wrongful or allowed under applicable law isn’t always obvious. At Blake Jones Law, PC, we can help clarify your rights and options. 

While California is an at-will employment state, when an employer fires an employee for an improper reason, such as their membership in a protected class, the employer may be liable for wrongful termination damages. 

Even in situations where your termination was considered rightful, you are still entitled to your final payment. California law outlines that when an employee is either discharged or resigns, the employer has a duty to pay them the remainder of any monies owed. The amount owed must be paid within 72 hours or if you give 72 hours’ notice of your intention to quit when giving notice. 

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Losing your job can lead to mental stress, financial hardship, overwhelming anxiety, and even depression. Wrongfully losing your job can trigger feelings of betrayal, deception, and anger. At BJL, we’re here for you. 

If you have been wrongfully terminated, you may have a right to bring a claim to recover compensation. At Blake Jones Law PC, your consultation is free and confidential. You can trust us with your legal matter – call today to learn more about your rights.